Not just for weddings, but
any event you need more space for!

Business meetings

Our Vineyard Hall is a beautiful indoor space. You can use the entire floor for seating, or split it for seating and dancing, or a business presentation. We have all the tables (rectangular or round), chairs, cream linens you'll need. There are tables for gifts, food, a bar area to keep your drinks cold, and two refrigerators. There is plenty of parking, so all of your guests will have a great day at your event. There are no additional fees for outside catering or outside alcohol.

The Vineyard Hall includes rooms for presenters to get ready. We also have sound system and projector for slide shows. As well as a microphone and speakers so you can speak to those in the room.

Private Dinners

We can also do special Wine Tastings or Private Dinners in our Vineyard Hall. You'll come in and speak with Beth and Pat, our amazing chef, and figure out a menu for your event. You can schedule a tasting or just let us run with the menu. Prices are charged per guest, and vary based on the final agreed upon menu. For more information, please call and talk with Beth at 316-554-9463 x 2 weekdays.

For Smaller events

Our Arbor Room offers seating for up to 60 guests. Perfect for a business meeting, smaller birthday party, or baby shower. Included in the rental is 60 chairs and rectangular tables to seat up to 60 people, a projector for slide shows or presentations, and a small kitchenette with sink, microwave, and dishwasher.