grapes, elderberries, family and
so much more...

starting off right

We opened in 1995, and after more 25 years we began 2022 with over 600 International awards and titles to our credit. This Family owned business was started in 1995 as the way for the family team of Dr. John Brewer, his wife Beth, and his sister Merry Bauman to “make the family farm profitable”.

We have since gained our place on the World Stage of Wines with two Professional Wine Judges and Wine-Makers on staff, Dr. John Brewer himself and Merry’s son, Shawn. As a scientist, John had been making wines as a hobby for many years.

It all started with elderberries...

The nostalgia of Elderberry Wine, and the acres of elderberries on their mom’s ranch in Eastern Kansas, was the start of 8 years and over 200 trials to develop a world class wine made from elderberries.

Beginning with Elderberry Wines, we now have over 40 wines made from fruits, berries, and some incredible grape varieties. We definitely have fun with our wines, and proudly make wines that taste good! It is not just about the awards at Wyldewood Cellars, it is about making wines that people really enjoy.

The Winery was originally in a rented historical building in Mulvane, Kansas. On January 28, 1999 the call came in that the winery was on fire. Due to faulty wiring in another business in the same building, the winery and three other businesses were burned to the ground.

building for the future

The new winery opened next to I-35 on Black Friday of 1999. The entire family worked together tirelessly to build and open the new facility, and have expanded it through the years to be a huge business with offices, our production area, our retail store, and two separate event venues. Today you will find up to four generations working at the winery, and Dr. John Brewer, Beth, and Merry still there every day.

Moving Out west

At the start of September 2022, we moved our Wichita store from the corner of Maple and Ridge to NewMarket Square. We are, of course and will always be, at the Winery in Peck, but we are so very excited for this new step. Watch us grow and stop in to visit us! We are at 2441 N Maize Rd, Suite 203, Wichita, 67205.